Biruni 2019

Biruni Physics Graduate Student Award

Purpose: To promote and recognize outstanding research by a physics graduate student of Iranian heritage who is currently studying in one of the institutions of higher education in USA, Iranian American Physicists(IrAP) Network Group is announcing 2019 “Biruni” Graduate Student Research Award (GSRA) at the American Physical Society (APS) March 2019 meeting in Boston, Massachusettes. Award includes a cash prize. This is the 8th IrAP Biruni award.

Qualification: Physics graduate students of Iranian heritage in USA in her/his final years of graduate school (MS or PhD) who is studying at any institute of higher education/national laboratory/industry are encouraged to apply for this award. Recent graduates (May 2018 or later) could apply. If you had graduated December 2017 or before that you do not qualify to apply. The graduate student who applies for this award must be a member of IrAP network group. Please check for more details about IrAP network group’s bylaws, membership application form, and the Biruni award history and qualification criteria. The students do not need to be an APS member to qualify. We strongly encourage students in final years of their study to apply to have enough materials and publications. We ask all interested students to send their CV to us to be approved to apply for this award ahead of time.

Nomination and Application Materials: Each applicant has to be nominated by her/his MS/PhD adviser or head of the department. A letter of nomination should be accompanied with details of the importance and impact of the applicant’s research. All the application materials shall be submitted by February 4th 2019 to the award coordinator of the IrAP network group council to be considered for 2019 Biruni award. Applicants are encouraged to send all relevant materials in PDF format via email (the letter of recommendation has to be emailed directly to the award coordinator of the IrAP network group council): Please send your CV to the Biruni award coordinator before preparing your materials. You need pre-approval for this application.

1-A letter of nomination by MS/PhD adviser or head of the department detailed over the applicant’s research.

2-CV (not more than 2 pages) including the peer reviewed publications list (published or submitted).

3-A letter of recommendation from a faculty/researcher who is familiar with the applicant’s work or who has been collaborated with the applicant on her/his research (not the MS/PhD adviser). This letter has to be sent directly to the IrAP network group award coordinator (via email).

4-PDF copies of the 2 published/submitted papers to peer-reviewed journals, or the pre-prints of the articles under preparation (2 papers maximum).

-Late submission of the documents will not be acceptable (no exception).

-The documents requested are restricted to the maximum limit described.

Additional recommendation letters or publications will not be considered. We suggest that the applicants send their materials soon and don’t wait till the deadline date to allow the reviewing committee plenty of time for review.

Success Criteria: The review committee seeks the following qualifications among the candidates:





-Thoroughness / appropriate attention to details

-Teamwork spirit among experimenters

-Perspective views on future applications/impacts of the research and direction of future work.