IrAP Communique (2010)

In an interview with the New York Times reporters on April 5, 2010, President Obama discussed The Nuclear Posture Review and indicated, “The United States will not use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear weapons states that are party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and in compliance with their non-proliferation obligations,” and renounced the development of new nuclear warheads.   Iranian-American Physicists Network Group (IrAP) welcomes President Obama’s committing not to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states.  However, considering Iran as one of the “outliers”, Mr. Obama made an exception regarding Iran.  
As physicists, we realize the devastating power of nuclear weapons and believe no human society should face such a horrible punishment.  Through their numerous political parties and NGOs, peace movement, woman’s organizations, student movements, labor unions and human rights organizations, the Iranian people have condemned the current escalation of hostilities and have strived for Iranian government’s compliance with the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.  We believe all issues should be resolved by non-violent means and negotiations.  We strongly disapprove the notable exception regarding Iran in The Nuclear Posture Review and believe it should be reconsidered.  The Iranian people should not endure the constant threat of nuclear annihilation, but deserve a peaceful and secure future.

Mostafa Hemmati, IrAP President (2010)