IrAP Communique (2011)


Iranian-American Physicists (IrAP) Network Group Communiqué

The Iranian-American Physicists (IrAP) Network Group is saddened by the horrible news of separate but similar attacks on two Iranian physicists in the capital of Iran, Tehran in 29th of November 2010. They were targeted by men on motorbikes who attached bombs to their cars as they drove to work. Prof. Majid Shahriari, a member of the nuclear engineering department of Shahid Beheshti University دانشگاه شهید بهشتی) in Tehran was killed. A second nuclear scientist (Fereydoon Abbasi-Davani)  was injured in the second attack. These events follows the assassination of a physics professor at Tehran University (دانشگاه تهران), Massoud AliMohammadi, who was killed by a remote-controlled bomb in front of his house on 12th January 2010. 

These organized attacks are extraordinary as they were committed against a profession so revered by the Iranian society. The motivation of the assailants is not known at this time. The biography of the victims are attached.
IrAP Network Group is worried that more Iranian scientists may be at risk as the instability escalates and the war-mongers are taking hold of the situation. We invite our colleagues in APS to join us condemning the attacks on scientists and this utter disregard for human sanctity. 


Hamid Javadi,

IrAP Network Group President 

Please see the biographies and publication lists of Prof. AliMohammadi and Prof. Shahriari.