Majid Sharif

Majid Sharif
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Majid Sharif was born on January 24, 1951 to a religious family. He completed his secondary studies in 1968 and secured the first place in Mathematics countrywide. He was already fluent in French and English languages. He learned German in Goethe Institute and mastered Arabic and Russian as well. In 1968, he secured first place in entrance examinations of a good number of Iranian universities and also won the Central Bank bursary to study in the United States as the first top candidate. However, he chose to study theoretical physics in Sharif University of Technology and graduated with highest rank and traveled to the United States on a scholarship. In 1973, he started his PhD studies in physics in UCLA.
After the victory of the Iranian Revolution, Majid returned to Iran and started teaching physics in Avicenna University in Hamedan. Until 1983, he was active in areas of philosophy and culture in addition to his teaching job. He wrote and published the books “ Rebirth of True Islam”, “Islam minus Democracy” and “Cultural Alienation” during this period. At the same time, he was a principal member in the committee for editing and publishing works of Dr. Ali Shariati and contributed effectively in editing 28 volumes of the works of Dr. Shariati.
Dr. Sharif left Iran in 1983 to pursue his studies in Political Sociology in Ecole Superior where he received a PhD with distinction.
Until 1995 when he returned to Iran again, he was involved in different intellectual, social and cultural activities. The outcome of his intellectual efforts during this period include more than 100 articles, authoring three books including Necessary Rethinking in Political Struggle and Planning Democratic Institutions as well as translating Prophet by Gibran Khalil Gibran and Ideologies, Challenges and Power by Pierre Ensar.